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How to get from Merida to Tulum

Your stay in Merida has been adventurous and unique, from the brightly painted buildings, to the authentic cantina culture, you are ready for some relaxation! Head to Tulum, Mexico, where you can experience some of Mexico’s most serene beaches, with bright white sand and light blue water, it’s a scene straight from a travel guide! But what is the best way to get from Merida to Tulum?

How Do I Get From Merida to Tulum?

Merida to Tulum are 264 km apart and driving time is about 3 hours. 

There are a couple ways to get from Merida to Tulum, while there is no train, nor a local airport, you have the option of taking one of the local bus companies or using a private car service. For travelers on a budget, the local buses from Merida to Tulum will be the cheapest option, but if you prefer convenience and comfort, a private transfer from Merida to Tulum is recommended. 

Merida to Tulum by Bus

When taking one of the local bus companies, it is important to note that you buy your ticket, as a direct ticket. There are about 6 buses that depart Merida throughout the day, make sure to check on the bus companies website for any updated times. We recommend checking the bus schedule online if your itinerary is not very flexible. To buy your ticket, we recommend buying in advance, or you will need to go to the bus station in Merida and go to the ticket office. The company you will be looking for is ADO with the first bus leaving at 6:30 AM and the last bus leaving at 8:15 PM and the tickets cost about 16 EUR. 

Time Intervals~6 buses per day
First/Last Departure6:30 AM/8:15 PM
Average Price€16
Distance ~264 km
Duration~4 hr
Operating CompaniesADO

Merida to Tulum by Taxi

Going from Merida to Tulum by taxi is recommended if you prefer a convenient and comfortable option for traveling place to place. You will be picked up at your accommodation in Merida and be driven to your destination in Tulum, no bus stops, no crowding, no confusion. Daytrip is a great option since they let you choose to stop and see some sites along the way! A trip from Merida to Tulum can include stops at…

  • Izamal
  • Cenote Yokdzonot
  • Chichen Itza
  • Ek Balam
  • Valladolid
  • Coba

With comfort, convenience, and adventure, it is clear that a private transfer is the best option! To book a private transfer from Merida to Tulum, click here!

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