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Cascada de Roberto Barrios

Generally if you’re around Palenque Mexico, you’re here for one thing – to see the Mayan archaeological site and amazing pyramid of Palenque. But that can’t be all there is to see in this part of Chiapas, right? It’s a big state after all, and you’d be correct in that thinking. After spending a hot and sweaty time exploring the jungle ruins of a fallen empire there’s only one thing you’ll be wanting to do, and that is to have a soak at a nearby waterfall – one of the best ones in the whole country.

Palenque’s Hidden Gem

Waterfall hunters in Chiapas will generally hear the names of Misol Há and especially Agua Azul, both of which are amazing waterfalls worth seeing. But they’re also very busy, and if you’re in Palenque, Agua Azul is also quite far away. The falls, and there are several, at the village of Roberto Barrios are simply stunning. There are deep pools to swim in, cascades of water you can shower yourself under, and even hidden caves behind some of the falls should you wish to go exploring. For a small fee there are guides in the village and at the entrance (almost exclusively in Spanish) who would be willing to show you all the secrets if you require it. If you choose not to be guided then the recommendation is to walk to the left as the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls are there.

Why Go To Roberto Barrios Waterfall?

Firstly, tourism hasn’t hit this area very hard yet. It will come but for now it’s unspoiled and quiet, especially during the week and early in the morning. Entrance is cheap (around 20 pesos), guides cheaper, and you can boast to everyone who’s been to Chiapas that you’ve been somewhere amazing that they have not!

Things To Know About Roberto Barrios Waterfall

There are very few facilities here. Definitely bring your own water and sunscreen, and insect repellent for those times you’re lounging by the pool rather than swimming in it. Food is also hard to come by, barring a cottage by the entrance where a woman sells quesadillas (reportedly very tasty too). You should also minimize any valuables you bring, and keep an eye on the ones you do take, as thefts from unattended belongings have been reported in the past.

How To Get To Cascada de Roberto Barrios

From Palenque there are a couple of ways. You’ll not find any official public transport but as in most Latin American countries there are “collectivos”, shared minivans or small busses that will make the trip once they have enough people to make it worth their while; they pick up from the market and cost around 50 pesos, taking 45 minutes to get there. Local taxis are also possible but they cost you upwards of 600 pesos. Organised tours to Roberto Barrios are also possible for around 150 pesos for half a day. The least stressful way to visit the falls, especially if you’re transferring from one destination to another, is to use a private driver; not only will they speak good English and have working A/C, but they will also give you some friendly pointers as to local customs and even look after your luggage for you while you explore the falls! Palenque to San Cristobal is one such example of a route you could take.

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