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Mexico In Winter

Many people flock to the land south of the US border for a Mexico winter vacation, so many that in fact that the Mexico winter months are actually the country’s busiest. A Mexico winter is a warm winter with daytime temperatures of up to 23 degrees celsius, 10 hours of daylight, and very little rain. Rich Americans, Canadians, and Europeans often winter in Mexico (the so-called “snow birds”) to escape the harsher climates of their homelands.

What Is Winter Like In Mexico?

Being a rather large country it depends on where you are. As a general rule the further north and inland you are the colder it will be, with temperatures of around 10 degrees celsius and a real risk of frost and even snow in the highest areas. The northern regions are periodically affected by cold fronts from the north called “nortes” and these can last for several days. That said, you can spend an excellent month by the beach in a region such as Baja California.

Southern Mexico is usually where the crowds go, including other affluent Mexicans, retreating to the more temperate southern and coastal regions away from the cooler northern and central upland regions. Days on the beach are warm and pleasant, the waters are warm enough to swim in, and exploring the interior far less oppressive than in the summer months. It’s also the driest season of the year and in the south especially it is closer to the equator so you’ll get a lot of daylight hours even in midwinter.

Why To Go In Mexico In Winter

Apart from the aforementioned weather it may also be festival time when you get there! The run up to Christmas is particularly rewarding, kicking off with the feast day of Mexico’s patron saint Our Lady of Guadalupe on the 12th of December, then from the 16th to the 24th “posadas” are celebrated nightly, paying homage to the journey of Mary and Joseph before inevitably ending up in a house party. Christmas in Mexico is a very special time for all.

On the culinary side of things you can experience fresh produce plucked from the trees and the ground all year round, thanks to the welcoming climate of Mexico. This ensures that you only get served with the finest ingredients with every meal, and with the cuisine in Mexico being another big draw this is certainly another advantage.

Wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and even whales are escaping the winter this time of year too, and many of them will also head to Mexico. Birding is particularly rewarding for the ornithologists among you, and if you’re by the Pacific coast you can take a boat out to see the whales migrating to warmer southern waters. 

How Expensive Is Mexico In Winter?

Winter in Mexico is indeed the most expensive time to visit, with prices of accommodation in some areas up to 5 times higher around Christmas. Booking ahead in the more popular places is highly advisable. But aside from this living expenses are fairly cheap even outside of the cheaper shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. Even then a budget traveller can survive on less than 40 US$ a day.

What is the coldest month in Mexico? 

January, statistically the 13th, with average lows of 6 degrees celsius and average highs of 21 degrees celsius, is the coldest month in Mexico.

Anything Else I Need To Know About The Mexican Winter?

Pack for every occasion. Be as prepared for a dip in the ocean or a waterfall pool as you would for a frosty morning. The evenings and early morning can drop below 0 degrees in certain areas on occasion, even after a warm and pleasant day; it’s still winter and cold fronts may strike on occasion.

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