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Mexico with Family

Adults flock to Mexico for its amazing coastal resorts, impressive Mesoamerican archaeological sites, and varied cuisine, but what about Mexico family vacations? You’ll be happy to hear that Mexico family holidays are just as good! The Mexicans share the kind of reverence for children that many Mediterranean regions of Europe do – they cherish the young ones. Even the elderly enjoy watching the energy of the youngsters rather than getting annoyed by the bustle. Children will get a warm reception here for sure.

Is Mexico suitable for families?

In short, yes! From white sand beaches to jungle ruins to desert vistas, Mexico is filled with things to delight young and old alike. Add to that the Mexican’s child-loving disposition, and kid-conscious hotels, and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing time in Mexico with family! In fact, the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter on a Mexico family holiday is trying to get picky eaters to try the amazing local food!

Is Mexico safe for a family vacation?

If you’re looking for somewhere where the kids can safely have a blast, a Mexico family holiday is a great option. They really do love los niños, and there are plenty of stories out there regarding the extra mile people go to make kids happy. Just have to follow some basic Mexico safety tips, and you and the kids will have a great time regardless of where you go in Mexico!

Best Family Resorts in Mexico

In general, the larger and more touristy the resort, the better it will be for kids. Hotels and guest houses will be most welcoming for children, and almost all of them are geared up to make sure that they are looked after in the best possible way. Cancun family resort will have tons of activities to entertain the youngsters, and most hotels will be able to arrange childcare should you need it. For a family all inclusive Mexico vacation, many resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and along the Mayan Riviera even offer some amazing packages.

Kids And Coastal Mexico

If your kids are water babies then they’ll love nothing more than splashing around in the sea, building sandcastles, swimming, snorkeling, and paddle-boarding. The Caribbean coast has very calm seas and can be considered safe for supervised children. The Pacific has some sheltered beaches too but by and large they tend to have rougher seas. That in itself can provide something to do as surfing lessons are available for children as young as 5 years old. Boat trips to nearby islands or seeing marine life can keep everyone entertained – whale watching is a favourite pastime on the Pacific while sea turtles can be found in the Caribbean.

Like much of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, the calm waters and white sands of Cancun beaches are great for kids, and because it’s so popular with tourists, the resort area is very safe. Plus, there are many activities in Cancun for kids!

Inland Mexico For Kids

Don’t be afraid to take the young ones away from the coast. There is actually a lot more to do in the central areas then there is at the coast. Many children will love exploring the Aztec and Mayan ruins, and  cities such as Mérida have cultural events every evening in the square; Oaxaca’s grand architecture will delight all and children can try their hand at some of the famous handicrafts such as wool spinning and paint the carved wooden animals. 

Mexico City With Kids

The nation’s capital might not be your first though for a family holiday but it has everything you need to keep them entertained. Chapultepec Park is a day out in itself, a huge green space with grand monuments and several museums of which the Papalote Children’s Museum and Natural History Museum will probably be of great interest to the youngsters. A large amusement park, La Feria de Chapultepec Mágico, is perfect for keeping them entertained. An artificial lake lies in the easter section where paddleboats can be rented, but best of all for keeping the kids distracted is Alfonso Herrera Zoo, one of the world’s most visited zoos. There are around 2000 species of animals here and it was the first zoo outside of China to successfully breed pandas. Best of all it’s free!

Things To Know

Firstly, if you’re travelling with any children that are not your own you will need a letter of permission from both parents or guardians under Mexican law. Also all children need passports regardless. Secondly keep an eye on the health effects of the new environment on your children as it may affect them strongly. Sleeping in the heat may be difficult for them, food can cause upset stomachs, and never let them drink the tap water. Protecting them from the strong sun goes without saying. Should they need hospital treatment the private clinics tend to be of high quality and will be covered by most travel insurances. Finally some things may be difficult to come by in the resorts and smaller settlements, so if you need wet wipes and baby food you’d be wise to stock up on them prior to leaving a bigger city or town. This will also be the case for many medicines too.

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