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The Best Mexico Waterfalls

From north to south Mexico has hundreds of spectacular waterfalls (and countless other minor cascades), making it a great destination for waterfall lovers. Conveniently, most Mexico waterfalls are close to beaches and resorts, making it easy to experience the beauty of waterfalls in Mexico almost anywhere. 

What is the highest waterfall in Mexico?

Only validated in 1995, Piedra Volada Falls holds the title of the highest waterfall in Mexico, with an impressive drop of 1400 feet. While these are scientifically the tallest waterfall in Mexico, the fact that they only exist after heavy rains in the wet season, and their remote location mean they really aren’t on most tourists’ radars. If you want to see the highest waterfall in Mexico that runs year-round, that title goes to Basaseachic Falls.

Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachi Falls are technically the second-highest waterfall in all of Mexico, but the record-holder, the Piedra Volada Falls, only exist during the wet season and are nigh inaccessible. Located in the state of Chihuahua, Basaseachi Falls plunge a jaw-dropping 807, and is one of the most popular attractions in the Copper Canyon. Basaseachi is joined by two rivers that merge in the high mountains and then fall down the canyon wall. It’s not exactly made for bathing, so plan a visit during the rainier months for a wonderful natural display. This natural park is definitely a hiker’s delight. If you take the trail up the side of the canyon, you will find spectacular vantage points to overlook the falls. This is including the picturesque view from San Lorenzo. You would want to bring all necessary hiking gear and plenty of water for this full day of exploring. There is a site at the park designated for camping out. The park has a variety of birds for those who enjoy bird watching. With vast amounts of flora and fauna in the park, it is a wonderful place to enjoy interacting with nature and enjoy the fresh air. 

How many waterfalls are there in Mexico?

There are literally hundreds of waterfalls in Mexico. Agua Azul, Basaseachic, Cola de Caballo, Hierve el Agua, Villa Luz, Misol-Há, Tzararácua, and Tulimán are a few remarkable waterfalls in Mexico that are must sees!

San Luis Potosi Waterfalls

The San Luis Potosi region is probably the country’s top waterfall destination, with a number of waterfalls just a short trip from La Huasteca. From the relaxing river pools of the Cascadas de Tamasopo, to the amazing waterfall/cave/cenote combo at the Puente de Dios you can easily spend a week exploring the different San Luis Potosi Waterfalls. Adventure lovers won’t want to miss Micos waterfalls, where you can swim, canoe, zipline, or just jump from the series of cascades. The crown jewel, and highest of the San Luis Potosi Waterfalls is undoubtedly the Tamul Waterfall (which gets its own section below!).

Tamul Waterfall

The Tamul Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the country, pouring 340 feet into  a turquoise blue river. What sets the Tamul Waterfall apart is that it’s the confluence of two rivers – the Gallinas River literally falls off a cliff into the Tampaon River. Exploring the river gorge of the tallest of the San Luis Potosi waterfalls is truly an experience to visit, especially if you get up close on a traditional wooden panga (canoe). 

Yelapa Waterfall

Said to mean “where two rivers meet”, Yelapa is a quiet beach town in the Bahia de Banderas. The stunning white sand beach still hasn’t become a major tourist attraction, so it’s a great place for some fun in the sun. And what’s better, the Yelapa waterfall is just a quick 10 minute walk up from the main area. Nature lovers will be delighted to know that there’s also a larger, more secluded waterfall about an hour’s hike up the Tuito river. The walk is pretty easy, and well signposted, making it a convenient escape from the beach if you ever need it. 

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