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Mexico in August

Mexico weather in August

Avg. temperature: 18.3°C / 64.9°FSun: 176 hours a month
Rain: 171.2 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 69%

Visiting Mexico in August

It’s the dog days in Mexico, and for the ones who are craving a hot summer with the opportunity to wash off in the sea, then you couldn’t have found a better place to do so. The water activities in Mexico are endless and can be done in all corners of the country. If you’re not one for the heat, Mexico also has a place for you, since the Mexican interior tends to be cooler than the coast. 

From the calm waters in Guadalupe to diving in Cancun, to dancing the night away in Guadalajara, Mexico in the August month brings a lot to the table to facilitate enjoyment, fun and relaxation for you and your family.

The weather in August is dynamic depending on where you are in Mexico. In the South of Mexico, where the climate is pre-equatorial, it will usually be humid and warm and also rainy — in line with the weather of Central and South America. In comparison, the north of Mexico is the hottest month of the year, and tends to be drier. Whether you want to vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula or Baja California, bring your flip flops and sunglasses! In Mexico City and the interior milder, but not as wet as June and July. 

It is worth noting that August is the beginning of the hurricane season, with the most hurricanes making landfall around later August to late September. With this said, it is good practice to keep track of the weather. Cyclones do occur on the Pacific Coast, but it is noted that most cyclones in the Pacific do not make landfall in Mexico, so no need to worry about your vacation in Baja or Acapulco!

Things to do in Mexico in August

Filmophile’s Fantasy

Monterrey is a unique city in its own right. Named one of the most prosperous cities in the country, it is also one of the best places to live in Mexico. Attracting workers and students from all over the country, it is not hard to find that Monterrey hosts a plethora of art festivals, cultural forums, and other activities of a similar nature. In mid-August, the Monterrey International Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in Mexico, with domestic and international filmmakers travelling to the city to take part in talks, view films, and also explore the culture. For the adults and kids who want to have a fun activity, or maybe if it rains, to get away, the film-watching opportunities throughout the city will be a great way to get to know Mexico on a cultural level, and to get a little context of how life is, and how people see this diverse and exceptional country!

Marvelous Mariachi

Moving on to the next cultural capital of Mexico, Guadalajara is known for its beautiful art history, architecture, and above-all, Mariachi. Dating back to the 18th century, this regional genre of music was popularized in Guadalajara by the people of its surrounding towns. As the government promoted the music around the country as one of the cultural symbols of Mexico, its amazing beats, artistic fervour, and historic significance granted this great genre UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. In the last week of August, you will be able to witness the International Mariachi festival with Mariachi competitions taking place, auditions done by local artists who want to promote their art, as well as vendors showcasing the delicious local cuisine!

Farmer’s Fare

Markets are the heartline of Mexico. This has been the case since the Azted-era trading bazaars that were called “tianguis”. Now, these markets come in all shapes and sizes and sell everything from produce to antiques to clothes, among many other things. You can experience this in any city in Mexico as a fun summer activity. August is harvest time, and you will not see the same amount of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables at any other time of the year. Farmers selling their goods for great deals, you can also practice your haggling skills and snag an even better deal! An explosion of sight, smell and taste, you will get to experience local Mexico at its best and most vibrant. 

Some notable markets are the Mercado Roma in Mexico City, Mercado Benito Juarez and Mercado 20 de Noviembre in Oaxaca, and Mercado 28 in Cancun.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico in August


Monterrey is one of Mexico’s success stories. Once a small frontier town populated by a fluctuation of a few hundred to only a few dozen people, it has exploded into an economic powerhouse of the country. Because of its close proximity to the United States, and its historic post-independence ties to Europe, Monterrey has been able to create a reputation for being one of the best cities to live and work in. With an impressive cityscape, as well as wonderful natural wonders, you can spend days in this city without running out of things to do. The mild climate of August will give you ample opportunity to visit the city’s many canyons, trails and parks. Visit the Cola de Caballo waterfalls to sit back and relax while the sound of the waters crashing into the gorge runs past you. Take a hike in the Summits of Monterrey National Park, a UNESCO protected park that houses the El Cerro de la Silla, a unique multi-peaked mountain. 

For a more urban experience, you can take a promenade along the Santa Lucia riverwalk where you can watch people go about their own strolls, and take a look at the wonderful skyline ahead of you. At the end of this promenade, you will end up in the Macroplaza, one of the world’s largest squares. This is a remarkably utilised space that is filled with green areas, monuments, kiosks and activity. For history buffs, take a walk in the Barrio Antiguo, the historical centre of Monterrey. You will find beautiful 17th-18th century houses that are immaculately preserved. This is also where you can experience an illuminated nightlife where you can party and unwind with all the other locals after a hard day’s work. For sports, Monterrey hosts a lively baseball culture, in which you can attend games at the Estadio de Beisbol. Of course, there are numerous Monterrey soccer stadiums to watch opposing teams play each other in. Monterrey is a cosmopolitan city in every way, and what better way to escape the sweltering heat of the coast, than visiting Monterrey!


The second largest metropolitan area in the country, Guadalajara is packed with things to see and things to do. The cultural life in Guadalajara is unique, and is one of the most important cultural centres in the country. The government invests a vast amount of money into cultural campaigns and events and activities to enrich the cultural significance of the city and the rest of the region, with the University of Guadalajara bringing one of the biggest sponsors for major attractions and events that brings people from all over Mexico to enjoy. 

The historical center hosts Spanish Colonial architecture, as it was a religious Roman Catholic and civil centre. What is worth noting about the city centre in Guadalajara is the influence of Southern Spain’s Mozarabic architecture as well as Italian architecture. You will not find a shortage of art galleries, libraries and concert halls in this city. The cathedral serving the archdiocese of Guadalajara dates back to the early Spanish Colonial period in the Sixteenth Century. Take a rest at the shaded plazas of the centre, or you can admire the neoclassical architecture of the Municipal Palace, built in 1774. Enjoy the Mariachi music as Guadalajara has been affectionately named the Mariachi capital of the world, the symbol of Western Mexico. Get a taste of the traditional foods of Guadalajara like Birria, a special meat dish cooked with the local maguey leaves. Best of all, try the famous Tequila which is only allowed to be produced in the state of Jalisco. August is a particularly good time to visit Guadalajara as you will be able to experience the Mariachi Festival described in the Marvelous Mariachi section!

Cabo San Lucas

One of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Cabo San Lucas has a huge variety of sightseeing opportunities within the city. Experience almost alien-like nature of the southern tip of Baja California with its rock formations like the Arco de Cabo and the very lively sealife where you are able to swim with rays and dolphins. Snorkel in Chileno Bay, home to tropical fish, sponges and reefs! Ride horses in the nearby desert, you’ll feel as if you are on another planet. If nature is not your gig, try the endless stretches of beach that trace around the tip of the peninsula, where you have the king’s choice in resorts. As you would expect of a tourist town, the nightlife here is great! You have your choice of clubs and restaurants radiating around the Puerto Paraiso, which is the main plaza in the city. Cabo has something for everybody, why not try something different?

Accommodations in Mexico

August is a quieter time for international tourism in Mexico as opposed to June and July, when most North American and European tourists pour into the country. You may have to contend with Domestic tourism, as August is the time when most Mexicans take their vacations with their family and leave the city to enjoy the dog days. The Pacific Coast is a notable place to visit as you will find great deals for airfare and accommodation. You can book your trip whenever you feel comfortable, as even the Yucatan will not be as busy as it would be in June or July or the winter months. 

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