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Mexico in September

Mexico weather in September

Avg. temperature: 28°C / 82°FSun: 5.2 hrs per day (sunshine) / 12.2 hrs per day (daylight)
Rain: 270 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 66.1%

Visiting Mexico in September

If you’re thinking about going to Mexico in September, as it’s the rainy season you might need to think about the weather before you decide where to go. Whilst temperatures are soaring, along the Yucatan Peninsula, which includes Cancun and the usually-glorious Riviera Maya, it is the wettest month of the year. 

The country also has the lowest number of sunshine hours throughout September, and the shortest days, so it may not be the ideal time for a beach holiday. If a few showers don’t put you off, though, it can be a great time to take a dip in the ocean or one of Playa del Carmen’s popular cenotes to cool off from the hot hot heat!

In places such as Baja California, continuing south down the Pacific Coast, tropical storms and hurricanes can be common throughout September so if you’re planning to take a trip in that region we’d recommend looking at the forecast in advance to enable you to plan your vacation, and most importantly stay safe.

Rest assured, though, that there are plenty of other options when visiting Mexico in September, so you won’t be short on things to do or places to visit, even during the rainiest month! Plus, since it’s the low season for tourism, you can expect to make some steals on your travel and accommodation as airlines and resorts strive to attract visitors with discount deals.

Things to do in Mexico in September

Enjoy one of many events taking place throughout the country

Independence Day

Join the locals as they take the day off work to celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain in mid-September. On 15 September, the evening before the official Independence Day or Mexico, festivities begin all over the country where houses, buildings and monuments are decorated, parades are held through the streets of the biggest cities, traditional delicacies are dished up and reenactments are performed at this culturally significant time. Some of the best places to partake in the celebrations include Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula, Zihuatanejo, over on the Pacific Coast, and the biggest and best of all, Mexico City, the country’s bustling capital.

Feria Nacional Zacatecas

Once a silver-mining hub in the 16th century, Zacatecas is a historical UNESCO World Heritage city in north-central Mexico. Each year, for three weeks in September it hosts its National Fair, a festival including musical performances by international artists, rides and rollercoasters, food and drink stalls and all sorts of dance, sporting and orchestral stagings. The city is dressed in patriotic Mexican colours, and the fair acts as an extended celebration of the country’s independence from Spain.

Oaxaca Flavors

This is one for the foodies out there. The Oaxaca Flavors festival takes place in the southwestern Mexican city every September and is a celebration of the region’s gastronomy for which it is famous. More than 70 chefs host the festival cooking up feasts and delights for locals and tourists alike, in formal sit-down meal settings or more casual over-the-counter fast food style serves. The smells, the sights and the flavours are delicious and you’ll be in heaven if you’re a lover of Mexican cuisine!

Swim with Whale Sharks off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula

Growing up to 40 feet long, Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and one of the greatest places in the world to spot them is in Mexico. And, one popular activity is to swim with them! Don’t be alarmed by their massive size – they have tiny teeth and are not a danger to humans, so it’s safe to swim with them and many tour companies in and around the Cancun area offer trips out to the ocean specifically to swim with these stunning creatures.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico in September

Have a wild time with White Sharks on Guadalupe Island 

Guadalupe Island is one of the best places to visit in Mexico if you’re looking to encounter Great White Sharks. In fact, it has been named many times as one of the best places in the world for shark swimming! The volcanic island sits off the Pacific Coast of Baja California in northern Mexico and, with clear waters and visibility up to 150 feet below sea level, it is a fantastic place to experience the best the ocean has to offer. Choose from cage diving if you have your certification and want to have the most immersive shark experience, or swimming for non-divers. 

See magical marine life in Quintana Roo’s Cozumel

Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Mexico’s Quintana Roo, and is one of the best places to visit in Mexico for its marine life. Year-round, the island has so much to offer thanks to its marine biodiversity, and in September the ocean comes to life and there are some of the greatest sights to be seen than any other time of year.

It is a magical place for diving and snorkeling, with coral reefs and underwater gardens providing the most breathtaking underwater views. Above water there is kitesurfing, ziplining and paragliding, mountain biking and plenty of hiking to be done in the lush natural landscape.

Play in the golden sands of Puerto Vallarta 

Yes, it rains in Mexico in September, including in the Pacific Coast town of Puerto Vallarta, and there’s always a chance you could get caught up in a storm. But with temperatures soaring and sun beaming, it’s possible that those showers will offer a welcome escape from the heat and the perfect way to cool you down on a hot September day. The rain often comes and goes quickly, so you shouldn’t expect that a downpour will spoil your afternoon at the beach.

As the rainy season comes to a close, this city in the middle of a mountain range is popping with colour; the rain feeds the surrounding forest and the trees come alive with bright green leaves, so it can be one of the most picturesque times to visit the coastal resort.

Finally, as it is the low season you can expect some of the absolute best deals on accommodation to be found throughout the month, so if you’re planning on visiting Mexico in September, you could be in for a bargain!

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